The Arminstice Pals
To mark the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, The Armistice Pals project brings together a wide selection of distinctive voices from the folk world in a recording of classic anti-war song 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone'. Since Pete Seeger’s original recording in 1960, many different versions have been produced in dozens of different languages, reflecting the fact that the suffering of war recognises no frontiers. The song was also chosen for inclusion in the funeral of Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier to have taken part in World War One

Peggy Seeger talks about Armistice Pals

Why The Armistice Pals?
The name chosen for the project is intended to reflect both the agreement at the end of the First World War and the ‘Pals Battalions’, which were made up from communities around Britain where groups of friends and acquaintances from the same town enlisted together, fought together and all too often died together, leaving whole towns and villages shorn of a large proportion of their young men.

In releasing the song in the year of the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World war, the project is intended to recognise the appalling and often senseless sacrifice of so many young lives and the suffering this brought to their loved ones in what should have been 'the war to end all wars'. In choosing to record a version of 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone' we celebrate the life, songs, contribution and inspiration provided by Pete Seeger in his commitment to the cause of peace and the development of a better world for all, rather than a controlling minority. By bringing together singers from across the folk spectrum we aim to reflect the importance of community in bringing about positive change. By purchasing the download you will be making a valuable contribution to a worthwhile cause but there are many anti-war organisations who can benefit from your energy, spirit and belief.

The Armistice Pals is a community, not just of the fine musicians involved but also of anyone else who wishes to be involved – even those of us who can’t sing or play but do love the idea and the music. Folk clubs around the country are committing to Armistice Pals nights in varying forms the week starting Sunday November 9th. More details to come but if you’d like to be involved in any way, get in touch – be an Armistice Pal. It's not just your country that needs you – together we can work to make the world a little better.
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'Where Have All The Flowers Gone?' will be released on Sunday 9th November as a cd single and a limited edition 7" vinyl single. It will be available to pre-order from the usual outlets!
You can now listen to the track and buy a digital download.
  • Peggy Seeger Peggy Seeger
    Folksinger, instrumentalist, songmaker, activist.
  • Pete Seeger Pete Seeger
    Legendary American folk singer and activist.
  • Merry Hell Musical backing provided by Merry Hell
  • Gren Bartley Gren Bartley
    The spine tinglingly beautiful guitarist, banjo playing poet
  • Eric Bazilian Eric Bazilian
    Hooter, hitmaking songwriter worldwide for self and others, now He's One Of Us!
  • Christine Collister Christine Collister
    One time She Devil, ex-Daphne's Flight, much sought collaborator and loved by Q magazine
  • Ray Cooper Ray Cooper
    singer/songwriter, ex-Oysterband and now a pearl in his own right.
  • Johnny Coppin Johnny Coppin
    A singer, songwriter, composer and poetry anthologist. Formerly with Decameron.
  • Gavin Davenport Gavin Davenport
    singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, ex-Albion band member
  • Judy Dyble Judy Dyble
    Singer, Songwriter, ex-Fairport, nearly King Crimson.
  • Edwina Heyes Edwina Hayes
    Singer, songwriter, coffee drinker and driver of high milage cars.
  • Luke Jackson Luke Jackson
    Bright young purveyer of Fumes and Faith
  • Sian James Sian James
    Singer,writer, harpist, composer, conductor and actress from Wales
  • Robb Johnson Robb Johnson
    Singer/Songwriter and social conscience
  • Virginia Kettle Virginia Kettle
    Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Merry Hell.
  • Andrew KettleAndrew Kettle
    Spade bashing gravel voiced singer of Merry Hell
  • Peter Knight Peter Knight
    Singer/fiddle player, Gigspanner, Feast of Fiddles, Steeleye
  • Flossie Malavialle Flossie Malavialle
    Multinational singer et chanteuse and gig bound traffic reporter.
  • Dave Mather and Peter Robinson Dave Mather and Peter Robinson
    singer/songwriters, presenters of Salford City radio's first folk show
  • Patsy Matheson Patsy Matheson
    Singer/songwriter, spent time Waking The Witch, now The Domino Girl
  • Reg Meuross Reg Meuross
    Reg’s clever and imaginative lyrics have earned him the title of “Master Storyteller”
  • Ninebarrow Ninebarrow
    Award-winning, Dorsetshire folk duo
  • Kelly Oliver Kelly Oliver
    singer/songwriter, guitarist and harmonicist
  • Richard Ryall Richard Ryall
    singer/songwriter, member of the band Litmuss and he comes from a land Down Under
  • Said The Maiden Said The Maiden
    3 rising doyennes with harmonies the envy of angels
  • Linda Simpson Linda Simpson
    Singer, Songwriter, ex-Prog/Folk/Rock legends Magna Carta
  • Dave Swarbrick Dave Swarbrick
    Simply a living legend. As it says on the flyers, 'needs no introduction'
  • Jess Vincent Jess Vincent
    A beautiful and unique voice matched by an extraordinary songwriting talent
  • Lucy Ward Lucy Ward
    Singer, Songwriter and possibly the current heart of British Folk Music
  • Chris While and Julie Matthews Chris While and Julie Matthews
    singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, award winners
  • Kellie While Kellie While
    Singer, Songwriter, one of the outstanding voices of her generation.
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